Center for Successful Aging


Our Philosophy:

The Center for Successful Aging at Seabury uses professionals, resources and programs that provide the information, coordination, access and motivation people need to age successfully. We believe we can change the way we age by staying active within all the dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational, social, intellectual, and environmental. These dimensions keep us engaged, motivated and enjoying a productive life.

Our Services:

Personal Fitness Training


Initial Fitness Evaluation…$75.00                                                                 

30-minute session...$30.00

60-minute session...$60.00

Initial At Home Fitness Evaluation...$125.00                                                       

At Home 60-minute session...$75.00

Biodex Fall Risk Assessments and Training Sessions


Initial Balance Assessment…$75.00

60-minute session…$60.00


Nutritional Counseling


Initial Consultation…$75.00

At Home consultation…$90.00

Follow-up sessions...$60.00

Follow-up At Home session...$75.00



Mind Vitality Academy: Initial cognitive assessment and lifestyle review to evaluate one's program level, followed by an 8-week, 3 days/week, 2-hour Mind Vitality program. This would include Mind Aerobics and Fitness sessions...$750.00

Tai Chi Health Academy: Comprehensive Biodex balance/fitness assessment with an 11-week Tai Chi group exercise program 2 days per week that will teach mind/body connection techniques to improve balance...$300.00

Better Balance Academy: Comprehensive Biodex balance/fitness assessment with an exercise prescription for one of our 11-week, two days per week, evidence-based balance classes...$300.00

Better Fit Academy: Initial full-body functional fitness assessment and lifestyle review with an exercise prescription for one of our 11-week, 3 days per week evidence-based group exercise classes to improve fitness level...$300.00

Dance Fit Academy: Comprehensive Biodex balance/fitness assessment with lifestyle review with an exercise prescription for one of our dance style exercise classes to improve agility, corrdination, and balance...$300.00

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We are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the people we serve by providing services, accommodations, and resources that will assure the highest quality of life for residents, clients and employees through a philosophy of "Wellness, Compassion and Assistance." We are committed to enabling people to lead their lives fully with dignity and joy by the use of resources available to us according to the highest level of good stewardship. We shall make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to assure use of our facilities and services. We are committed to carrying out our purpose, by fully accepting God's love and all that means both for us and all whom we serve.