Exercise Outside and Enjoy the Scenery

Exercise Outside and Enjoy the Scenery

Exercise is good for us no matter where we do it. But recent studies have shown that there may be added benefits to exercising outdoors.

What are some of the differences and how might we benefit?

  • One reason is the terrain. A slope outside is different from a treadmill, requiring more use of our ankles to help us balance and move. We also expend more energy and burn more calories outside due to wind resistance.
  • Another benefit to exercising outside is that it can be less of a chore. You can enjoy the scenery, soak in the sunshine and breathe more deeply, enjoying your exercise experience more than being inside.

So think of moving your exercise outside a few times a week if possible. Take a walk, dust off the snowshoes or cross-country skis. Connect with nature. You’ll be glad you did.

Information referenced from WELL magazine; February 2013

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