How To Keep Our Bones Beautiful


Our beautiful bones provide the structure for our bodies. They hold us up and, along with our muscles, allow us to move. Bones are as strong as iron yet light as wood. Bone is a dynamic tissue that undergoes constant remodeling. Our bone mass peaks between ages 20 and 30 then progressively deteriorates after that. Our goal is to keep our bones strong and intact so that we may live a vital, healthy life.

For aging populations, exercise is critical to strengthen bones and prevent fractures. According to Dr. Kohrt, Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Colorado, studies have found that physically active people had a 40-percent less risk of hip fracture than those who are sedentary. So what type of exercise is best?

Evidence-based studies have shown that walking, running and jumping are as effective as weightlifting to increase bone density. Also, people will see more results if they increase the intensity of their workout. For example, power walking instead of strolling. But any activity is better than none.

So get up off the couch and get moving. Go for a walk or pick up a weight. Your bones will love you for it.

Sources: AFAA Longevity Training for Seniors; and Dr. Wendy Kohrt, University of Colorado

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